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Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Can I set up a payment plan for an invoice?

Under certain conditions, and with a formal commitment on your part, you may benefit from a payment plan. If you fail to keep up with the plan, it will be considered null and void.
To request a payment plan, call +41 (0)22 719 66 00 (press 1 for the claims department). 

You sent an invoice directly to my insurance company. How can I verify it?

You can contact the billing department to get a copy of your invoice:
+41 (0)22 719 66 00 (press 3 for the billing department)

I do not agree with the services shown on my invoice. Who can I send my claim to?

You can use the following email address for all billing claims:

Please provide your invoice number and identity.

I am going to give birth at Hôpital de La Tour. Who is financially responsible for my baby’s stay?

If there are no complications for the baby, the invoice is sent to the mother's insurance provider.

If there are complications, even if they are minor, the invoice is sent to the baby's insurance provider. We recommend that you take out prenatal insurance with your insurer for the supplementary portion. Without supplementary prenatal insurance, you will be responsible for the costs of your baby’s stay in the event of complications. 

Remember that you have three months from the date of birth to insure the newborn.

I came to the emergency room for an accident. Who should I report it to?

If you are employed or self-employed in Switzerland, contact your employer immediately to declare your accident. According to the law on accident insurance (LAA), your insurance provider will be billed for your accident (provided that you completed the accident questionnaire properly).

If you are not gainfully employed, it is your health insurance provider that will be billed for your accident (provided that you completed the accident questionnaire properly).

If you are receiving unemployment benefits, you must inform the relevant unemployment insurance body or SUVA about any accident as soon as possible (Article 9 of the Order on Accident Insurance for Unemployed Persons).

If you are in the military, your military insurance provider will be billed for costs related to your accident.

The insurance provider that is billed for the accident then creates an incident number, which it then sends to the person who declared it.  If you came to the Hôpital de La Tour for care following an accident, you must send this number to the administrative office of the ward that cared for you. Your invoices will then be sent directly to your accident insurer. 

How can I pay a bill from outside the country?

You can pay your bill by bank transfer. You will find the necessary bank details on the invoice. If you have any questions about this, you can call +41 22 719 66 00 (press 2 for the relevant department). 

Will my primary doctor receive a report on my hospital stay?

Your attending physician at the hospital will draft a hospitalization report or a discharge letter that serves as a report and send it to the primary doctor whose name you provided, if you have one.