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Hôpital de La Tour enters into an innovative partnership for purchasing medical equipment based on clinical outcomes

Published on 16.01.20
Johnson & Johnson un contrat

Hôpital de La Tour has just signed a contract with Johnson & Johnson related to patient outcome criteria in cardiology. Under this agreement, the manufacturer, hospital and doctor all work closely together to reduce the relapse rate in a patient on the basis of a precise objective. If the expected outcomes are not met, Johnson & Johnson will reimburse part of the equipment costs with regard to health insurance.

This special partnership allows Hôpital de La Tour to reiterate the importance of our commitment to medical excellence and accountability in terms of quality. We welcome this promising partnership and are delighted to have found in Johnson & Johnson a partner who is as committed as us to delivering quality care to the point of providing financial responsibility.

“This collaboration supports our continuous improvement strategy based on the clinical outcomes of our patients,” declares Rodolphe Eurin, CEO of Hôpital de La Tour. “In addition to several projects that we have introduced as part of this strategy, it is important for us to engage our partners, in particular our suppliers, with concrete actions that support this objective. To date, Johnson & Johnson has paid considerable attention to this matter, so it made perfect sense to join forces with them to strengthen the quality of our care.” 

In order to expand this approach, we now want to open discussions with insurance providers about implementing pricing models that will better reflect our accountability in terms of clinical outcomes for our patients.

Download the press release from 16 January 2020 (in French).