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Do you want to get your fitness back on track after being inactive? Are you an athlete who needs to meet specific training goals? Do you often find it hard to get to the gym? Hôpital de La Tour’s Health & Performance specialists will be by your side, coaching you through online fitness sessions in the comfort of your own home, thanks to our My e-coaching programs.

Who is My e-coaching for?

These plans are for:

  • Anyone who is physically inactive or wants to get back in shape;
  • Experienced athletes with specific training goals;
  • Young athletes who are looking for training support;
  • Parents who want to engage in an athletic activity with their children;
  • Couples who want to engage in an athletic activity together. 

Our experts

The Health & Performance team at Hôpital de La Tour is offering support and follow-up for your athletic training sessions, thanks to the skill of its personal trainers, Aurélie Delacroix-Tarenne, Ellen SprungerGuillaume Lachaux-Couttet and Philippe Marchand.

Why choose My e-coaching?

The highly-effective My e-coaching plan can help you to achieve a range of goals, such as:

  • Improving fitness, health and well-being;
  • Muscle strengthening;
  • Flexibility and mobility;
  • Physical training;
  • Immune system support.

Demonstration videos

The coaches in the My e-coaching program participated in the “Bougez sans sortir” program launched by Léman Bleu in partnership with the Canton and City of Geneva to help residents of Geneva stay active and in good health while at home. The videos below show just a few of the possibilities of what you can do with the program.

1) Upper body strengthening

2) Lower body strengthening

3) Cardio exercise

4) Activities with parents and children

5) Upper body strengthening

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