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Neuropsychology is the scientific and clinical discipline that treats higher mental functions based on their brain structure-function relationships (shaped by the work of Henry Hécaen, a French psychiatrist). By assessing a patient’s cognitive functions (memory, speech, executive functions, social cognition, etc.) and behaviour, neuropsychology helps to establish an accurate diagnosis and also guides recommendations for treatment and care.

Neuropsychological examinations as a diagnostic tool

  • neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders
  • vascular disorders (stroke), traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and brain tumours: organic causes of cognitive disorders
  • contributes to the differential diagnosis of the normal ageing process versus disease, depression, anxiety, psychiatric conditions, confusion: functional causes of cognitive disorders

Specialised neurology consultations

Caregiver support consultations: advice for caregivers to better adapt to the cognitive and emotional disorders of their patient’s neurological conditions, so that they can become more independent in daily life and enjoy a better quality of life.


Neuropsychological assessments/examinations
Treatment guidance

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