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Oncology & Hematology

Oncology is the branch of medicine that deals with cancer and covers all aspects of care, from diagnosis and medical treatment to rehabilitation plans and follow-up, as well as palliative care. Hematology is concerned with the study of the blood and blood diseases, including several types of cancer, such as leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma.

Our commitment to you

Cancer is a complex disease and often involves the combined care of several cancer specialists to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment. We provide multidisciplinary, personalized care centered around innovative and effective treatment options. Our highly-skilled team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer affecting adults.

Our services

We work closely with other on-site specialists to make sure we deliver all the care and treatment you need, including:

  • conventional cancer treatments
    • chemotherapy
    • hormone therapy
    • targeted therapy
    • immunotherapy
    • radiation therapy
    • surgery
  • long-term follow-up
  • nutritional care 
  • support and guidance to maintain fitness or return to fitness
  • counselling
  • pain management
  • care for elderly patients
  • palliative care

Why choose Hôpital de La Tour?

We offer outpatient consultations and also have an inpatient unit.

Our attentive staff

We welcome patients and their loved ones into a caring and personal environment. Compassion and sensitivity lie at the heart of our therapies, helping us to establish a special relationship with you built on trust.

Multidisciplinary tumor board meetings

Patient cases are reviewed by a multidisciplinary meeting bringing together a group of highly-experienced specialists who share their expertise, knowledge and skills in order to make the most appropriate decisions in terms of patients’ treatment. The multidisciplinary team for tumor board meetings may vary but usually includes the following medical professionals:

  • senior consultant in oncology and geriatric oncology
  • hematologist
  • specialist nurses in oncology and palliative care
  • nuclear medicine specialist
  • radiation therapist
  • director of oncology
  • nutritionists

Multidisciplinary and comprehensive care

Patients benefit from the expertise of all our on-site specialists to ensure the best possible care for their medical condition and health. We work closely with specialists from a wide range of fields, including:

Joining forces with the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG)

This partnership makes it possible to offer cancer patients living in the canton of Geneva access to highly-specialized treatment close to their homes. It also means that we can refer and present patient cases to specialist tumor boards within HUG.

Centre OTIUM

Centre OTIUM offers care, support and counselling for patients and loved ones affected by cancer. It also offers a cancer rehabilitation program, approved by the Ligue suisse contre le cancer (Swiss cancer league), to improve the quality of life of people affected by the disease and help and support them in their return to daily life.

The center offers a warm and caring environment where therapies, group sessions and workshops are all under one roof.

Please visit the Centre OTIUM website for further information

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The secretarial office

Oncology & Haematology Secretarial Office