The Diabetes Unit of Hôpital de La Tour was opened in 1987 with the aim of improving quality of life for people with diabetes and their families by providing fully covered care for all their needs. Our objective is to help people with diabetes to live long, healthy lives.
The Diabetes Unit has two doctors (Dr Alain Pernet and Dr Nicole Petriccioli), two nurses specialised in clinical diabetology and one dietician, who works in the Nutrition Department. The team is in close contact with other departments in the hospital, such as cardiology, angiology, cardiovascular surgery, interventional radiology, orthopaedic surgery, nephrology and ophthalmology, to ensure wide-ranging care with the highest professional standards. We also keep in touch with the patient’s family physician. In addition, we are in contact with the Swiss Society of Endocrinology-Diabetology and the American Diabetes Association to make sure that we have the best possible resources to care for and educate patients with diabetes.

The Diabetes Unit can take care of people with diabetes on their request, or on referral by their doctor, either as in- or out-patients.

Our services listed below cover the whole area of clinical diabetology and are intended to make patients with diabetes as independent as possible :

  • General teaching on diabetes and its daily management
  • Teaching and implementation of an appropriate diet
  • A physical training programme for people with diabetes (DIAfit) including water aerobics, workouts, and Nordic walking
  • Evaluation and adjustment of diabetes treatment (oral medication, insulin, GLP-1 analogues)
  • Training on blood glucose self-monitoring and administration of insulin, including initiation and follow-up of treatment using an insulin pump, and continuous glucose monitoring using the Guardian CGM and Dexcom G4 monitors
  • Medical evaluation of possible diabetes complications and their specific treatment, including wound care follow-up and diabetes foot care
  • Management and follow-up of pregnant patients referred by their gynaecologist for gestational diabetes
  • Follow-up and stabilisation of diabetic patients hospitalised in the various departments of Hôpital de La Tour, particularly in surgery.


Dépliant Diafit

Last modified on December 18th, 2015.

Interview by Dr. Alain Pernet.

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