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Hôpital de La Tour and Harmony Fitness have joined forces to offer a top-notch program for rehabilitation and returning to physical activity

Published on 05.10.20
Partenariat Harmony La Tour
Thanks to the partnership between these two organizations, you will now have access to the expertise of Hôpital de La Tour's Swiss Olympic Medical Center near your home or workplace, at a Harmony center.

Starting in October, physical therapists from Hôpital de La Tour's rehabilitation center, an accredited Swiss Olympic Medical Center, will practice in Harmony Fitness clubs in Meyrin, Versoix and Gland. They will provide care to patients in order to help them regain optimal physical activity by combining individual work in a treatment room with active sessions in the gym, using Harmony fitness facilities. Over time, this collaboration is expected to be extended to other centers.

Thanks to this partnership, Harmony Fitness trainers will be trained in Hôpital de La Tour's best protocols and work directly with the physical therapists and sports medicine physicians caring for each patient. In this way, complete care for patients suffering from any musculo-skeletal problem will be provided efficiently and safely from the start of treatment to the end. The goal is to provide an unparalleled quality of support over the long term, close to home, based on rehabilitation protocols from the latest scientific publications and the clinical expertise of Hôpital de La Tour practitioners.

According to François Fourchet, physical therapy manager at Hôpital de La Tour: “Talking about interdisciplinarity is all well and good, but putting it into practice for patients on a daily basis is better. That is what we are doing with this partnership, in which the renowned skills of Hôpital de La Tour doctors and physical therapists are combined with the expertise of Harmony Fitness trainers in order to restore the best possible quality of life for patients.”

According to Luciano Luppi, director and founder of Harmony Fitness: “Sports health has been at the heart of our clubs and teams for over 20 years. This partnership with one of the world's most reputable medical institutions offers an unparalleled combination of skills and proximity to patients and practitioners. In this way, we hope to reach an ever wider audience made up of those who love sports, as well as seniors, people in rehabilitation and those who need more physical activity, who we can really help live better and longer.”

Hôpital de La Tour is excited about this partnership, which is part of an overall desire to improve access to the top-notch services of its sports medicine and rehabilitation center, one of its main centers of excellence, by taking it beyond its walls and out to a larger population.

You can also find details about this partnership in press release published by Hôpital de La Tour and Harmony Fitness on 6 October 2020. (in French)


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