Welcome to the Hôpital de La Tour

The Hôpital de La Tour is a private hospital located in Meyrin, a few minutes ride from the center of town. It is a world-class estabishment, which maintains a human dimension. Its extremely competent medical staff, providing great expertise in medical practices and technical know-how, has cutting-edge equipment at its disposal. Its caring, attractive environment and high-quality hospitality services provide patients and their visitors with optimum comfort.

Your well-being is our primary concern

Physicians, nursing staff ans administrative staff at the Hôpital de La Tour are extremely conscious of the importance of human contact and have one mission: to make sure that each patient has the most pleasant stay possible. This is because we realize that pampering a patient clearly speeds the healing process.

The establishment has 165 beds, divided up in private or semi-private rooms for greater patient comfort. A wide array of treatment is also available on an out-patient basis. Our catering service prepares varied and appetizing dishes. Our clinical nutrition service helps to craft well-balanced meals.

Last modified on January 5th, 2016.

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