Dr med. Michael Bernimoulin

Spécialiste en hématologie et médecine interne générale, membre FMH

Spécialités médicales


2014  Swiss certification in medical analyses in hematolgy (FAMH)

2009  Swiss board certification in hematology (FMH)

2004  Swiss board certification in Internal Medicine (FMH)

1997  United States of America Medical License Examination certification (USMLE)

1995  Swiss M.D.


2008-2009  Master in transfusion medicine (diplôme universitaire), institut national de transfusion sanguine (INTS), université de Paris Decartes, France

1989-1995  M.D. university of Lausanne, medical school, Switzerland

1984-1989  B.S. Lycée français de Berlin, Germany. Major : mathematics, physics and biology, (french baccalauréat D, german abitur and latinum major)

1983-1984  Kantonsschule Freudenberg, Zürich, Switzerland.

Educational advancement

Specialist in Medical Analysis in Hematology, FAMH, (2014).

Initiation to Management, Centre de formation, HCUGE, Geneva, Switzerland (2010).

Medical Statistics, University of Bern, Switzerland, (2004).

Intensive course in communication skills, European School of Hematology, France, (2004).

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Switzerland, (1999).

Clinical fellowships

Hematology. Hôpital du Valais, Switzerland (P.Y. Lovey), (2013-present).
Hematology. Hôpital Cantonal Universitaire Genève, Switzerland (Prof. J. Passweg, Prof. T. Lecompte), (2010-2013).
Hematology. Hôpital Necker, France (Prof. M. Cavazzana-Calvo), (2008-2009).

Clinical residencies

• Hematology. Inselspital Bern, Switzerland (Prof. B. Laemmle), (2003-2005).
• Hematology. Universitätsspital Basel, Switzerland (Prof. A. Gratwohl), (2002-2003).
• Internal Medicine. Universitätsspital Basel, Switzerland (Prof. J.A. Schifferli), (2002-2002).
• Internal Medicine. Centre Hospitalize Universitaire Vaudois, Lausanne, Switzerland (Prof. B. Nicod), (1999-2001).


Training as specialist in medical analysis in Hematology. Hôpital Cantonal Universitaire Genève, Switzerland (Prof. T. Lecompte and N. Vuilleumier), (2013-2014).


Medical Faculty Prize, 2003. University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Outstanding medical thesis: Molecular basis of leukocyte rolling on PSGL-1.
Prix Monod, 1989, Lycée Français de Berlin, Germany.


EHA (European Hematology Association), Fellowship for Young Investigators, 2006-2008.
Swiss NSF (National Science Foundation), Grant for Beginning Scientists, 2005-2006.


Board member Haem+ Academy (postgraduate training academy), 2011-2014.
Reviewer.  Journal of Thrombosis and Hemostasis, 2011-2012.
Poster Chairman. Société Suisse d’Hématologie, Annual Congress, 2010.
Abstract reviewer. European Hematology Association, Congress, 2007-2008.
Research Project Proposals. NIH-PPG Grant 2005 and NIH A1 2007. Project writing, Assistant Supervisor, both awarded.


Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School, Department of Pathology. Immune Disease Institute (former CBRI), Boston, USA (2005-2008). Research Laboratory Prof. D. D. Wagner. Worked in the following studies:

- Characteristics of Microparticles (MP) produced from monocytic THP-1 cells upon stimulation with lipopolysaccharide or a soluble P-selectin chimera.
- Characteristics of SRBI deficient platelets (SR-BI -/- mice) (collaboration with M. Krieger, MIT, Boston).
- Microparticles imaging using flow cytometry (collaboration with N. Barteneva, Flow Core, IDI, Boston) using FACSAriaII and iCyt’s Reflection.
- MP imagIng flow cytometry using Amnis Imagestream.
- Live cell imaging of MP formation.
- Effect of P-sel IgG administration on bleeding tendency of FVIII deficient mice.
- Effect of elevated sP-sel levels on tail bleeding (delta P-selectin mice).
- Platelet function (collaboration with R. von Etten, NEMC, Tufts University, Boston) in   mice transplanted with mouse bone marrow stem cells transfected with human Jak2V617F 
- Role of Tissue Factor cytoplasmic tail (TF∆CT) in transgenic mice in cold brain injury.

Research Intern.

CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland (1996-1999). Research Laboratory Prof. O. Spertini, Division of Hematology.
Work on the Interactions between adhesions molecules involved in leukocyte recruitment. In particular, the molecular base of the interaction of leukocyte L-Selectin and P-Selectin Glycoprotein ligand-1 found on leukocytes, platelets and endothelium.



- Physician, Clinique de Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland (2016- )
- Attending Physician, Regional Blood Bank, Valais, Switzerland, (M. Stalder) (2014-present). Regional Blood Bank (13000 Units/year).

- Attending Physician, Hematology Unit and Transfusion Medicine Unit, Valais Hospital, Sion, Switzerland (P.Y. Lovey) (2013-present). Regional Hospitals (1000 beds).
General Hematology with ambulatory treatment unit (chemotherapies). Hematology laboratory with diagnostic interpretation of BM aspirations and flowcytometry. Transfusion medicine.

Attending Physician, Service d’Hématologie, University Hospital Geneva, Switzerland (Prof. Passweg, Prof. Lecompte) (2010-2013). University Hospital (2200 beds) affiliated with University of Geneva, Switzerland.
General Hematology with inpatient unit for Leukemia patients, ambulatory treatment unit (chemotherapies, investigations). Bone Marrow Transplantation unit with 7-bed inpatient unit and outpatient ambulatory care unit. Hematology laboratory with diagnostic interpretation of BM aspirations and flowcytometry. Transfusion medicine and Therapeutic Hemapheresis (plasma exchange, autologous and allogenic Stem cell collections).
Participation Hovon and SAKK Studies. PI Roche Green Study.

Attending Physician, Service de Biothérapie, Hôpital Necker Enfants Malades, Paris, France (Prof. Cavazzana-Calvo) (2008-2009). University Hospital (600 beds) affiliated with University of Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris.
Specialized Hematology. Transfusion medicine and therapeutic Hemapheresis in adults and children (plasma exchange, Erythrapheresis, autologous and allogenic stem cell collections, Photochemotherapies), Hemoglobinopathies, Gene Therapies. Concurrently, work in General Hematology with inpatients and outpatients, main focus on malignant Hematology some congenital Immunodeficiencies.

Resident Physician, Universitätsklinik für Hämatologie und Hämatologisches Zentrallabor, Inselspital Bern, Switzerland (Prof. B. Laemmle) (2003-2005). University Hospital (950 beds) affiliated with University of Bern, Bern.
General Hematology with in- and outpatients, large outpatient clinic, main focus on Hemostasis, Hematology laboratory with diagnostic interpretation of BM aspirations and flowcytometry, Transfusion Medicine and therapeutic Hemapheresis (plasma exchange, Immunoabsorption, autologous Stem cell collections).

Resident Physician, Abteilung Hämatologie, Universitätsspital Basel, Switzerland (Prof. A. Gratwohl) (2002-2003). University Hospital (500 beds) affiliated with University of Basel, Basel.
General Hematology with in- and outpatients, main focus on Bone Marrow Transplantation with 14 bed unit (over 1000 BMT experience). Hematology laboratory with diagnostic interpretation of BM aspirations and flowcytometry, therapeutic Hemapheresis (plasma exchange, autologous and allogenic Stem cell collections).

Internal Medicine

Resident Physician, Innere Medizin, Universitätsspital, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland, (Prof. J.A. Schifferli) (2002). University hospital (500 beds). Department of Internal Medicine
Inpatients of general internal medicine (Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Hematology and Pneumology.

Resident Physician, Département de Médecine Interne. CHUV, University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland. (Prof. B. Nicod) (1999-2001). University hospital (810 beds). Department of Internal Medicine
Inpatients of general internal medicine, Intensive care and Emergency room patients, In- and outpatients of Nephrology and Oncology.


• Consultant Physician, Hematology, Medisupport labs in French Switzerland ( 2015- )

Attending Physician, Hematology Laboratory, Hôpital du Valais, Switzerland ( P.-Y- Lovey) (2013-2015)
Attending Physician, Immunhematology  Laboratory, Blood Transfusion Service Valais, Switzerland ( P.-Y- Lovey) (2014-2015)
Resident Physician, Hematology Laboratory, University Hospital Geneva, Swizterland (K. Samii and N. Vuillemier) (2013-2014).
General hematology laboratory, Hemostasis, Immunohematology, Molecular Hematology, Hemoglobinopathies, Flow cytometry.
Swiss Army, Field officer, 1996.
Medical service to soldiers and organizing medical service in battalion (1000 soldiers).

Technical skills

Clinical: bone marrow aspirations, bone marrow biopsies, interpretation of blood smears, bone marrow smears, diagnostic flowcytometry, central catheters for hemapheresis, hemostasis, transfusion medicine and other routine internal medical procedures.

Research: cell culture/cell transfection / cell adhesion/isolation and analysis of DNA /  enzymatic manipulation of nucleic acids / site-directed Protein mutagenesis / DNA plasmid constructions / DNA amplification /introduction of nucleic acids in eukaryotic cells / protein analysis (electrophoresis, immunoprecipitation) / production and purification of antibodies / ELISA / flowcytometry / cell adhesion essays in laminar shear flow / analysis of data / mice eye, vena cava and cardiac bleeding/ mice cold brain injury / intra-vital thrombosis / live cell imaging / platelet transfusion and aggregation/immunohistochemistry/ immunofluorescence/ microscopy / electronmicroscopy / proteomics / Western blotting/ spectrometry / histology /
Histotechnology / time lapse video and photography recording.


• Hematology resident training.
• Nurse training.
• Laboratory technician training.
• Medical student training.


Swiss Medical Society
American Society of Hematology
European Society of Hematology
Swiss Society of Hematology


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