Caring for you as we would for ourselves


La Tour Medical Group is a leading private hospital group in the canton of Geneva that includes Hôpital de La Tour, Clinique de Carouge and Centre Médical de Meyrin.

We believe that the best way to look after your health is by providing the same level of care that we would want for ourselves and our children. This approach means we all work together to reach a common goal: restoring the best quality of life possible to those who entrust us with their health or that of a family member.

In order to achieve this, we take measures to continuously improve in our unwavering pursuit of medical excellence. Competent physicians and medical staff combined with a facility equipped with the latest technology play an integral role in this pursuit, as do the following factors:

A deeply ingrained patient mission

Our teams are motivated by the care they provide and the difference they’re able to make in patients’ health. Every day, they deliver optimal care where human values are recognised, whether the patient is going through a difficult ordeal or the joy of giving birth.

Our doctors, healthcare teams and administrative staff are as professional as they are compassionate, ensuring that each patient’s experience is as pleasant as possible. 

A private hospital for a safer environment

What makes La Tour stand out from other private institutions is our unique range of services, which are typically and only offered in teaching hospitals:

  • a 24/7 emergency department, recognised by the SSMUS (Swiss Society of Emergency and Rescue Medicine)
  • an SSMI (Swiss Society of Intensive Care Medicine) intensive care unit and a progressive care unit accredited by the CRUIMC (SSMI’s commission for the recognition of intermediate care units)
  • internal medicine and pulmonology departments (acute care)
  • intermediate care provided by the NICU, recognised by the SSN (Swiss Society of Neonatology) as Level II A 

La Tour is the only private hospital in French-speaking Switzerland to offer all these services, allowing our specialists to safely handle complex cases and provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care. 

As a private organisation, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to stay competitive and to offer tailored support that surpasses your highest expectations.

Multidisciplinary teamwork at your service

The opening of the new building in 2018 means we now have a proper campus where dozens of specialists work together. So our patients benefit from multidisciplinary, comprehensive care, as well as personalised support, from diagnosis to treatment and monitoring. Our team-based approach, coupled with our specialists all practicing in the same place, enables us to deliver the best possible treatment for your specific condition as well as your overall health.

A training facility for high-quality care

As the largest private training hospital in French-speaking Switzerland, La Tour offers 11 training programmes welcoming 52 physicians and fellows each year. By ensuring that skills are successfully passed on to future talents, we contribute to medical excellence and the safeguarding of high-quality care.  

Being a training hospital means that we can be by our patients’ side to an even greater extent. And it means that senior doctors who supervise interns stay abreast of the latest medical developments to meet the requirements of the Swiss institute for postgraduate and continuing medical education.

What’s more, doctors in training are on a constant mission to perfect their skills, presenting a daily challenge for our mentors.

State-of-the art facilities and technology

Hôpital de La Tour offers patients access to a major facility featuring the latest technology.


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