Our Medico-Oncology Centre includes modern infrastructure, especially suited to the demands and expectations of our patients in this area for consultations, outpatient treatment and hospital stays in private and semi-private rooms.

This specialization is now using multidisciplinary knowledge: haematology, oncology, paediatrics, genetics, immunology, etc. ... It cannot therefore be viewed in isolation, but requires a lot of interdisciplinary and multicentric collaboration.

However beyond of this overspecialisation and thanks to an attentive medical and paramedical team, particularly trained and sensitized to the problems of each. It is necessary never to forget that the centre of our concerns remains the patient, whose apprehension requires taking account of his environment. Without the cooperation of all, it is unrealistic for any team, no matter how competent and structured it is, to consider efficient handling of these patients.

Last modified on January 18th, 2016.

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