The internal medicine department of the Hôpital de La Tour is renowned for its fast, skilled approach to diagnosis and the quality of its treatment of diabetes and its complications.
This department is recognized by the FMH for the postgraduate training it provides, which is subject to regular monitoring and certification by the Fédération des Médecins Helvétiques.
Internal Medicine is a medical speciality that is interested in difficult diagnoses and overall management of diseases of adults patients who are suffering from pathologies affecting different systems. A " hospital internist " has the necessary skills to prepare a synthesis in complex situations and to develop diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. He takes care of the patient seen as a whole.

Inpatient stays

Three doctors are in charge of the Internal Medicine Department of the Hospital de La Tour :

• Dr Omar Kherad ,
• Dr Nicole Petriccioli
• Dr. Marc Ritz

This department plays a major role in the hospital.

Its mission is to see patients without a diagnosis, often referred by the emergency service. The Internal Medicine Hospital is particularly recognized its quality of care and diagnostic approach. To make an accurate and rapid diagnosis through medical advice first order, it works closely with other specialists of the institution, as well as those of the University Hospitals of Geneva. This activity involves a multidisciplinary teamwork characteristic of Internal Medicine. Physicians can receive service through videoconferencing, specialized opinion of Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health Center, one of the most renowned institutions in the United States, with which close contacts have been established over the years. Therefore the service platform is a real medical quality, outwardly open.

The Internal Medicine Department of the Hôpital de La Tour is recognized by the Swiss Medical Association (FMH ) for his post -graduate training . A true " quality label ", which is regularly monitored in connection with the FMH.


The three MDs have also an outpatient consultation and thus share a function as medical consultant for city doctors of Gene


Finally, the Internal Medicine Department offers health checks, "check-up", for individuals as well as for companies. These check-ups are known to be fast and efficient using all the technical facilities of the Hospital de La Tour. Doctors follow international recommendations based on medical evidence, while adapting to the risk factors presented by the patient.

Last modified on January 18th, 2016.

Interview by Dr. O. Kherad.

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