Specialization which, coupled with the immunology, studies the mechanisms of allergy and treat allergic diseases.

Your allergy has become intolerable. It is illogical and possibly dangerous to persist in the ordeal. The allergist will conduct an experimental induction of your allergic reaction. But what is the reason?

Among the almost infinite multitude of suspects, he must designate the allergen seeking your permanent hypersensitivity: the famous "anaphylactic state" excessive protection.

Skin tests submit you to a wide range of pollens and allergens of all kinds. The inflammatory response shall designate the culprit(s). This is repeated exposure to minute amounts that induced your sensitivity. Paradoxically, the allergist will administer under supervison a "massive" dose of the protein responsible for your allergy.

The treatment of allergies has made tremendous progress, through the purification of proteins. More specific pharmacopoeia becomes more desensitization is effective.


Info on allergies

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Text taken from a published article in the magazine "La Tour Info" n°2.

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