Our receptionists, secretaries and switchboard operators are able to assist you and schedule your appointments, depending on your doctor’s wishes, and also to request advice from a radiologist if necessary.

Our hospital has recently acquired three of the latest-generation pieces of equipment in order to carry out high-quality digital imaging.
Our department is open 24 hours a day and we can therefore perform all standard X-ray procedures for emergency patients.
All tests (standard X-rays, specific tests, gastrointestinal exams, urinary tract exams, arthrograms, etc.) prescribed by your doctor are performed by appointment between 8 am and 6 pm.

Mammograms are also carried out in our department with 4 standard digital images that may be enhanced with tomosynthesis images in order to clarify unclear or suspicious images.
In many cases mammary ultrasonography is then performed by a radiologist.
We also work alongside the Fondation Genevoise pour le Dépistage du Cancer du Sein (Geneva Foundation for Breast Cancer Screening) to carry out breast screening and if necessary to invite women from the canton to undergo additional tests from the age of 50 and every 2 years thereafter.

Using ultrasound we can explore all organs (abdomen, breasts, joints, soft tissue, etc.) with ultrasound rays. We also carry out Doppler exams to analyse blood vessels, carry out guided intra-articular infiltration, and perform diagnostic or therapeutic biopsies.

CT scans, or tomography, use X-rays emitted by one or two tubes that rotate around you; thanks to high-performance computerised systems we obtain increasingly clear images with a high level of accuracy.
We have two different brands of scanner with different strengths that are used for particular tests; one is used for emergencies, all routine exams and surgical interventions (biopsy, drainage and infiltration), and the other is more specifically used for heart scans, virtual colonoscopies, and bone and joint exams.

MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a non-radiating technique that studies a number of organs and sometimes their function with a high level of accuracy, using a magnetic field and radio waves (brain, spinal column, joints, soft tissue, heart, abdomen and blood vessels).
Thanks to two different pieces of equipment, we can schedule appointments based on medical needs in order to optimise both our images and our diagnoses.
This technique is by no means painful, and requires that you lie still for about 30 minutes in a tunnel that is open at each end.  Our team of technicians will reassure and support you so that the exam goes smoothly.


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FAX :    + 41 22 719 65 06

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